I’m literally consumed by Wanderlust

I’m literally consumed by Wanderlust

As you can guess from my name, I am a Woman Consumed by Wanderlust.

All my life I have travelled the world with my parents and have visited a total of 25 countries, which according to my app means 10% of the world.  I feel very lucky and privileged to see the things that I have seen and can’t wait to go on another adventure.photo 3 photo 2-2 photo 1-2My boyfriend and I are currently saving to go and see the world.  We’re hoping to spend a year travelling and plan to visit seventeen countries.  I can’t wait to experience the world, and see a variety of cultures and traditions.  Here is the list;
photo-3Although it will take a year to save, I can’t wait to get there. I don’t think I’m cut out for a normal lifestyle, because I am a Woman Consumed by wander


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