15 Relatable things about living in the countryside

  1. You can always seem to smell poo, wherever you go when you are in the countryside

  2. It's not unusual to see Deer crossing the road or road kill at the side of the trail.

  3. You're Joules, Seasalt or Hunter wellies assemble outside the back door.  Welly boots are a necessity and you always have spares for when your friends from the city come and visit.

  4. Your family owns either an excessive amount of walking sticks, tweed hats or dog whistles.

  5. Getting stuck behind a tractor is common practice.  When you see one approaching you know you have to pull out in front of it fairly quickly.  

  6. You know the drill when you see the farmer starting to spray the fields. I live opposite a field and all the windows remain closed for days. If you're driving by, turn the air conditioning off and put the windows up.

  7. If you can drive down country lanes, you can pretty much drive anywhere

  8. Your childhood was made by country walks, playing on hay bales and getting lost in the woods.

  9. The Game Fair, Country Shows, and Village Fairs are the events not to be missed.

  10. Hearing sheep outside your house or when you are out on walks is no surprise. 

  11. forget hurdles, you're a pro at jumping over the styes.

  12. You don't care about getting dirty, you always seem to come home with muddy jeans.

  13. Instead of overtaking fast cars, you overtake horses whilst crawling at 10mph. 

  14. It's not unusual to hear gunshots. It's just hunting season

  15. No matter where you go, the Countryside still calls you back. You miss the green pasture, the animals and peace and quiet.

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