8 Ways to feel more motivated

8 Ways to feel more motivated

8 Ways to feel way more motivated

It can for many of us feel like a struggle on some days to feel motivated. We constantly promise ourselves that we'll move when the clock ticks on the hour.  We spend ages in our towel after a shower, scrolling unconsciously through Instagram. 

1. Wake up early

Start the day right with an alarm set for 7am. Don't let yourself sleep in or press the snooze button. Jump out of bed and put the kettle on. 

Sit down with a cuppa, a glass of water and a healthy breakfast.

2. Get dressed

Dress as though you have somewhere to go, even though you may not have anywhere to be. Dress like you're taking on the day. 

Do your hair and makeup and leave your shoes on. I don't know why but I always feel motivated when I have my shoes on. 

5. Use social Media

I tend to Watch TEDx Talks on Youtube. They have talks on absolutely everything. Watching one of these videos gets me in the mood to be motivated. 

I also scroll through Pinterest for some inspiration. I  find Pinterest useful when you have to clean and tidy a room, the interiors you see definitely encourage my creativity. 

6. Spotify

Sign up to Spotify and play some music to get you in the mindset to take on the day. You've got this!!

I recommend the playlists; Sweet Soul Sunday, Easy 00's, The Great British Breakfast.  For a study playlist I like Music For Concentration.



3. Write a list

Write a list of achievable goals for the day. Write down the three things that you want to achieve today, don't overload your list with twenty tasks that will never be completed. 

Whatever they are make them simple, achievable and productive.

4. drink plenty

It's important that throughout today you drink plenty of water.

Drink as much as you can. Dehydration causes tiredness, which causes you to not work your ass off. 


7. exercise

Take the dog for a walk, get your arse to the gym for a half hour swim. It's amazing what a bit of exercise can do for your motivation levels.

I aim to workout in the morning, so I feel refreshed for the rest of the day.
Even doing yoga in your bedroom with a Youtube tutorial can do amazing things to your levels of concentration and productivity. 

8. reward yourself

After every tick on your 'To Do List' or when you've worked hard for two hours, reward yourself. Your reward can be a ten minute look through on Twitter or a glass of wine after a day of being a girl boss. 

Make sure that you take breaks and reward yourself after every achievement, you deserve this! 


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